Elevate Healing with Silicone Foam Dressing

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Author : Trummed
Update time : 2024-01-30 16:21:41

In the realm of wound care, the emergence of silicone foam dressing stands as a transformative solution, seamlessly combining silicone with foam to elevate absorption performance and revolutionize the experience of painless wound care. This active dressing caters to wounds with moderate to heavy exudate, presenting several notable advantages.


Soft Silicone Technology for Gentle Care


The incorporation of Soft Silicone Technology distinguishes this dressing, ensuring painless and trauma-free dressing changes. Its soft and conforming nature adapts well to even the most challenging areas, and its ability to be repeatedly pasted proves cost-efficient. Notably, it leaves no residues upon removal, safeguarding fragile skin tissues.


Unique 5 Layer Structure for Optimal Performance


The dressing's unique 5-layer structure comprises a PU film layer, a super absorption layer, a one-way wicking layer, a foam absorption layer, and a silicone contact layer. This intricately designed structure contributes to its overall effectiveness in wound care.


Exceptional Performance Metrics


Trummed silicone foam dressing boasts impressive performance metrics, with an absorbency rate of 8.7g/g, an exudate lock rate of 77.4%, and excellent permeability at 1.464g/10cm²/24h/37℃. The absorbency weight further demonstrates its efficiency at 10.863g/10cm²/24h/37℃.


Efficient Medical Operation for Enhanced Healing


Beyond its exceptional metrics, the dressing supports efficient medical operations. Its high absorption and exudate lock rates align with wound healing standards, reducing the frequency of dressing changes. The painless and trauma-free nature of these changes fosters increased patient compliance. The dressing's reusability facilitates seamless handovers and observations for high-risk patients, minimizing the cost associated with frequent dressing changes. Various specifications cater to diverse situations, offering convenience for medical professionals.


Indications Across Diverse Wounds


The silicone foam dressing finds application across a spectrum of wounds, including chronic and acute wounds (leg ulcer, pressure ulcer in Stage II-IV, diabetic ulcer), surgical wounds (operative and postoperative), skin donor sites, burn wounds (Stage II), and emergency wounds (abrasions, lacerations, cuts, burns, and scalds).


In conclusion, the silicone foam dressing represents a breakthrough in wound care technology, amalgamating comfort, efficiency, and versatility. Its integration of soft silicone technology and a unique 5-layer structure, coupled with outstanding performance metrics, positions it as a cornerstone in modern wound management, catering to diverse wound types with unmatched precision and care.

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