Introduction to Vacuum Urine Collection Device

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A vacuum urine collection device typically consists of two main components:


Urine Cup:

Urine Sample Collection: The urine cup is designed for collecting urine samples in clinical or laboratory. Patients can collect urine in the cup which can ensure the purity and integrity of the sample.

Portability and Ease of Use: Urine cups are designed for easy portability and use which can make patients conveniently collect urine samples in the cup and hand them over to healthcare professionals for subsequent analysis and testing.

Volume Indication: Some urine cups have markings for measuring urine volume. This is crucial for monitoring urine output, concentration, and related physiological parameters.

Prevention of External Contamination: The design of urine cups aims to prevent external contamination, ensuring that the collected urine sample is clean and reliable.


Vacuum Collection Tube:

Sterile Collection: Vacuum collection tubes are typically sterile to prevent the introduction of external bacteria or contaminants during the urine collection process.

Volume Control: These tubes often have predetermined volumes, ensuring a sufficient amount of urine is collected for subsequent testing. This helps standardize sample volume and improve the accuracy of test results.

Convenient Storage and Transport: Vacuum collection tubes are usually designed as sealed containers, facilitating the storage and transport of urine samples. This is crucial for testing at different laboratories or at different times.

Use for Specific Tests: Some vacuum collection tubes may contain specific reagents or additives to meet the requirements of particular urine tests, such as drug screening or protein assays.


Working Principle of Vacuum Urine Collection Device:

1. Open the cap anticlockwise, ensuring not to touch or remove the label.

2. Place the cap on a clean surface, avoiding contact with the suction nozzle and inner surface of the cap and container.

3. Collect the urine sample, recommended volume: 60ml.

4. Securely tighten the cap on the cup clockwise and send the container to the test center.

5. For medical staff:

   - Gently mix the urine specimen before transferring.

   - Partially remove the cap protection label.

   - Insert the vacuum tube into the cavity, press down gently, and the needle will puncture into the tube. Keep the tube pressed until it is full.

   - Remove the tube after it is filled, and reseal the protection label over the hole.

   - Gently shake the urine tube to complete the sampling process.


Click this video to watch the detailed operation



Vacuum urine collection devices are commonly used in the following testing scenarios:

1. Urinalysis: In medical testing, vacuum urine collection devices assist in collecting pure, uncontaminated urine samples, ensuring the accuracy of test results.

2. Drug Screening: In the process of drug testing, obtaining clean urine samples is essential, and vacuum urine devices effectively prevent interference from external substances.

3. Urine Culture: In bacterial culture and urine microbiological examinations, vacuum urine collection systems provide sterile urine samples, aiding in accurately detecting microorganisms in urine.


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