Introducing the Vacuum Blood Collection System

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The blood collection system typically comprises three components: the blood collection needle, needle holder, and vacuum blood collection tube. These components collaborate to safely and effectively collect blood samples for clinical testing and other medical purposes. Here are their main functions:

Trummed Blood Collection Needle

1.Blood Collection Needle: This product is equipped with a sharp needle tip which is used to penetrate the skin and vein for obtaining blood samples. Blood collection needles come in various specifications and sizes to accommodate different collection needs, serving as the primary tool in direct contact with the patient during the blood collection process.


Trummed Needle holder

2.Needle Holder: The needle holder is a device designed to stabilize the blood collection needle, ensuring it remains fixed at the correct angle and depth while minimizing risks to both the patient and the operator. It aids in the accurate collection of blood samples and typically includes a trigger mechanism that allows the operator to control the advancement and retraction of the blood collection needle.


Trummed Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

3.Vacuum Blood Collection Tube: This tube is a specially designed container for collecting blood. The collection tube will draw a given amount of blood according to the pressure difference. And It contains an anticoagulant or coagulant additive to prevent blood clotting or altering its properties. The cap designed in different color which is represent the tube contain different additive.  


Different Additives in Blood Collection Tubes:


Blood collection tubes are used to collect, store, and transport blood samples, typically containing various additives to maintain sample stability and suitability for specific laboratory tests. Different tube cap colors generally indicate the type of additives.

For detailed information, you can view the details in this [video]:


Usage Process (Using the Trummed Blood Collection System as an example):

Take off the white cover of the needle.

Screw the needle holder to the end of the needle.

Take off the color cover of the needle.

Insert the needle into the vein.

Once the vacuum in the tube is used up, blood flow into the tube will stop. Remove the tube from the holder.

Immediately after removing the needle, invert the tube 5-6 times to thoroughly mix the blood and additives inside. Intense shaking is strictly prohibited.


For a detailed demonstration, you can watch the video tutorial


With over 11 years of medical experience, particularly in the vacuum blood collection system, Trummed is a trusted global provider of high-quality and cost-effective vacuum blood collection systems. If you are interested in our products, feel free to contact us for more detailed information.

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