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Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) is a medical technology used for treating traumatic and chronic wounds. The NPWT system consists of several main components, each playing a specific role:


1. Trummed Portable NPWT Device: This is the core part of the NPWT system, a compact device responsible for creating and maintaining a negative pressure environment on the wound surface. By connecting to the wound dressing, this device can adjust and control the negative pressure levels to promote healing at the wound bed.


2. Wound Exudate Canister Kit: Used to collect tissue fluid extracted from the wound. This container is typically detachable, allowing healthcare professionals to monitor and quantify the amount of fluid discharged.


3. Wound Dressing: Black PU foam is one of the components in the NPWT Dressing Kit, used for exudate drainage and absorption.


4.Suction Port with Tubing: Used to connect the negative pressure drainage device and the wound dressing. These components ensure the integrity of the negative pressure system, allowing effective transmission of negative pressure to the wound area.


5. Transparent Surgical Film: Used to maintain the seal of the wound dressing, ensuring the appropriate negative pressure on the wound surface.


When using the NPWT system, healthcare professionals typically choose the appropriate wound dressing based on the patient's specific conditions and wound characteristics, ensuring the correct connection of all components.


Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) has several characteristics making it suitable for treating various types of wounds and injuries. Here are the key features and applications of this technology:


1. Promotes Healing: NPWT creates a negative pressure environment, enhancing blood flow to wounds, promoting tissue regeneration, and accelerating healing. It speeds up epithelialization at the wound base, reduces scar formation, and stimulates the generation of new tissue.


2. Exudate Removal: The NPWT system effectively absorbs and drains wound exudate, including blood, tissue fluid, and inflammatory exudates. This helps reduce wound swelling, alleviate inflammation, and enhance wound cleanliness.


3. Reduced Infection Risk: The negative pressure environment helps prevent bacteria from entering the wound, reducing the risk of infection. By timely removing exudates, NPWT maintains a relatively clean wound environment, aiding in controlling the development of infections.


4. Alleviates Swelling: NPWT assists in reducing swelling around the wound by promoting the drainage of lymphatic fluid. This is crucial for addressing swelling caused by surgery, trauma, or other reasons.


5. Wide Applicability: NPWT can be used to treat various types of wounds, including but not limited to traumatic wounds, surgical incisions, burns, chronic ulcers, pressure sores, etc. It finds extensive applications in plastic surgery, general surgery, burn care, and other medical fields.


6. Improved Patient Comfort: Negative pressure drainage systems generally provide better patient comfort, alleviating pain and making it easier for patients to tolerate the treatment process.


In summary, NPWT is an effective wound management method that improves the physiological environment at the wound base, promotes healing, and plays a role in various medical scenarios. However, treatment decisions should be based on the specific patient conditions and wound characteristics, requiring assessment and formulation by healthcare professionals.


If you are interested in the details of the system's usage, you can watch the video :


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