Sterile Waterproof PU Film Adhesive Island Wound Dressing

Sterile PU Film Adhesive Wound Dressing
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Product Information
Sterile PU Film Adhesive Wound Dressing is waterproof and PU film backing, and it is used to protect the wound, promote the wound healing and to reduce the risk of infection.

Sterile PU Film Adhesive Wound Dressing can be used on various wound dressing as below:
1) Wound drainage
2) Laparoscopy surgery wound
3) Eye wound
4) Postoperative wound

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Product Features
1. PU film backing
2. Excellent impermeability to protect the wound
3. Hypo-allergenic Adhesive
4. Types of shapes for different clinical application
5. Waterproof

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Product Code & Size
             Sterile Adhesive Island Wound Dressing
Product Code Backing Material Size Packing Application
GW-A001 Non-woven 4.4cm×4.4cm 50pcs/box Small Wound
GW-A002 Non-woven 6cm×7cm 50pcs/box Laparoscopy Surgery Wound
GW-A003 Non-woven 6cm×9cm 25pcs/box Finger Ring Wound
GW-A004 Non-woven 7cm×10cm 25pcs/box Finger Ring Wound
GW-A005 Non-woven 7cm×14cm 25pcs/box Finger Ring Wound
GW-A006 Non-woven 6cm×9cm 50pcs/box Eye Wound
GW-A007 Non-woven 5.7cm×8.2cm 50pcs/box Eye Wound
GW-A008 Non-woven 6cm×12cm 25pcs/box Eye Wound
GW-A009 Non-woven 10cm×10cm 25pcs/box Wound Drainage
GW-A010 Non-woven Dia 12cm 25pcs/box Joint Wound
GW-A011 Non-woven Dia 15cm 25pcs/box Joint Wound
GW-A012 Non-woven 7cm×10cm 25pcs/box Postoperative Wound
GW-A013 Non-woven 9cm×10cm 25pcs/box Postoperative Wound
GW-A014 Non-woven 10cm×10cm 25pcs/box Postoperative Wound
GW-A015 Non-woven 10cm×20cm 25pcs/box Postoperative Wound
GW-A016 Non-woven 9cm×15cm 25pcs/box Postoperative Wound
GW-A017 Non-woven 10cm×15cm 25pcs/box Postoperative Wound
GW-A018 Non-woven 9cm×25cm 25pcs/box Postoperative Wound
GW-A019 Non-woven 10cm×25cm 25pcs/box Postoperative Wound
GW-A020 Non-woven 9cm×30cm 25pcs/box Postoperative Wound
GW-A021 Non-woven 10cm×30cm 25pcs/box Postoperative Wound
GW-A022 Non-woven 9cm×35cm 25pcs/box Postoperative Wound
GW-A023 Non-woven 10cm×35cm 25pcs/box Postoperative Wound
GW-A024 Non-woven 11cm×20cm 25pcs/box Postoperative Wound
GW-A025 Non-woven 15cm×15cm 25pcs/box Postoperative Wound
GW-A026 Non-woven 15cm×20cm 25pcs/box Postoperative Wound
GW-A101 PU Film 6cm×8cm 50pcs/box Eye Wound
GW-A102 PU Film 10cm×10cm 50pcs/box Wound Drainage 
GW-A103 PU Film 6cm×7cm 50pcs/box Laparoscopy Surgery Wound
GW-A104 PU Film 7cm×10cm 25pcs/box Laparoscopy Surgery Wound
GW-A105 PU Film 10cm×15cm 25pcs/box Postoperative Wound
GW-A106 PU Film 10cm×20cm 25pcs/box Postoperative Wound
GW-A107 PU Film 10cm×25cm 25pcs/box Postoperative Wound
GW-A108 PU Film 10cm×30cm 25pcs/box Postoperative Wound
Sterile Non-woven Adhesive Wound Dressing Sterile PU Film Adhesive Wound Dressing

1) What's the indications of Sterile Adhesive Island Dressing?
1) Small wound
2) Laparoscopy surgery wound
3) Finger ring wound
4) Joint wound
5) Eye wound
6) Wound drainage
7) Postoperative wound

2) Can I get I free sample?
Sure, samples are free. And we can send samples in 3-5 working days once confirmed.

3) Do you support OEM?
Yes, OEM and ODM are available.

4) What's the lead time?
Usually 30-45 working days.
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