Amorphous Hydrogel Gel 15g, 25g, 30g, 42g, 85g

Hydrogel Gel Dressing
Flat Sheet / Tubular
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Product Introduction

Hydrogel Dressings contain 90% water in a glycerin-based.
Hydrogel Dressings have high water absorption, with liquid absorption amount of over 300%.
Hydrogel Dressings help to create a moist environment that promotes epithelialization, necrotic tissue debridement, and wound granulation from the wound surface.
It assistsin healing damaged skin layers, veins and tissues while offering cooling comfort.

How it works?
1. Hydrogel dressings can keep dry and scabby wounds moist, fully hydrate necrotic tissues, wrap, separate and remove necrotic tissues, bacteria and the like, and promote autolytic debridement.
2. Hydrogel dressings absorb excess exudate from the wound to keep the wound in a proper moist state.


Product Picture
Hydrogel Dressings come in flat sheets or tubes varying sizes or weight.

All Types
Hydrogel Dressing
 Product Code  Size  Packing
 Hydrogel Dressing Pad  
 AW-G101  5cm × 5cm (2'' × 2'')  10pcs/box
 AW-G102  10cm × 10cm (4'' × 4'')  10pcs/box
 AW-G103  10cm × 20cm (4'' × 8'')  10pcs/box
 AW-G104  15cm × 15cm (6'' × 6'')  10pcs/box
 Hydrogel Tubular Dressing
 AW-G201  15g (0.5oz)  1pc/box
 AW-G202  25g (0.88oz)  1pc/box
 AW-G203  30g (1oz)  1pc/box
 AW-G204  42g (1.5oz)  1pc/box
 AW-G205  85g (3oz)  1pc/box

Hydrogel Dressing Pad                             Hydrogel Tubular Dressing


1) What's the indications of hydrogel dressing?
 Pressure ulcers / Diabetic foot ulcers / Venous leg ulcers
 Cavity wounds
 Post-operative wounds
 Graft and Donor sites
 Lacerations and abrasions

2) Can I get I free sample?
Sure, samples are free. And we can send samples in 3-5 working days once confirmed.

3) Do you support OEM?
Yes, OEM and ODM are available.

4) What's the lead time?
Usually 30-45 working days.

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