Wound Dressing Types and It’s Properties PART 2

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 3.2 Foam Dressing 

Applicable Wounds: It is suitable for wounds with moderate to heavy exudate, or fragile wounds where the skin has lost its ability to stick.

Main Ingredients: The dressing is foamed from polymer materials, and the surface is covered with a polyurethane semipermeable membrane.

Working Principles: It has a strong ability to absorb exudate and lock liquid, and can provide a constant temperature and moist microenvironment to accelerate wound healing.


Provide a moist, warm and airtight healing environment;

Absorb medium to a large amount of exudate, reduce the impact of exudate and maceration on the wound;

Gas and water vapor can pass through and can be used to infect wounds;

Comfortable, easy to use, good compliance, easy to tear off, does not hurt the skin;

Heat insulation, buffering external pressure, and prolonging the use time of wound dressings.


Opaque, difficult to observe the wound;

Do not use on dry wounds, black scab wounds;

3.3 Hydrogel Dressing

Applicable Wounds: For use in the granulation and epithelialization phases of uninfected or cleaned wounds.

Main Ingredients: Hydrophilic polyurethane polymers with high water content.

Working Principles: It can directly reach the affected area through the pores of the skin and play a role in pain relief, and the evaporation of water can take away heat, and it also plays the role of cold compress to reduce swelling while relieving pain.


Hydrate the wound and provide a moist environment;

Promote autolytic debridement, used for black scab debridement;

Conducive to epithelial migration and granulation growth;

Non-stick to wounds, relieves pain, does not damage wounds during dressing changes and fills lacunar wounds.


No bacterial barrier;

Easy to cause maceration of the surrounding skin;

A second layer of dressing is required;

Not suitable for exuding wounds.

4. Interactive Dressings

Interactive dressings alter the physiology of the wound by coming into contact with wound exudate, usually by forming a gel-like covering on the wound surface to promote healing.

4.1 Hydrocolloid Dressing

Applicable Wounds: It is mainly suitable for the prevention and treatment of various superficial wounds, chronic wound epithelialization, burns, pressure sores and phlebitis, and the treatment of plastic donor sites.

Main Ingredients: CMC+ hypoallergenic medical adhesive+semi-permeable polymer film.

Working Principles: Adopting the principle of sealing and moisturizing, after the hydrophilic particles contact with the wound exudate, a layer of wet gel is formed to continuously create a moist environment and prevent the dressing from sticking to the wound; at the same time, the semi-permeable membrane structure on the surface can allow oxygen and water vapor For exchange, but it has a barrier to external particulate foreign matter and bacteria.


Keep the wound moist, create a hypoxic environment and provide a moist healing environment to accelerate wound healing;

Supports autolytic debridement;

Absorb a small to moderate amount of exudate, reducing the frequency of dressing changes;

The sheet is self-adhesive, no need for a second layer of dressing, preventing the invasion of bacteria and waterproofing.

Form a gel to protect exposed nerve endings, relieve pain and avoid secondary damage.


Do not use on wounds with moderate to heavy exudate;

4.2 Alginate Dressing

Applicable Wounds: Suitable for open wounds, moderate/severe exudate and infected wounds.

Main Ingredients: Contains calcium alginate, the raw material is alginic acid extracted from natural seaweed plants, and then processed into calcium alginate.

Working Principles: After the mixture of alginic acid and calcium ions contacts with wound exudate, it forms a soft and smooth gel, which provides an ideal moist environment for wound healing, promotes wound healing and relieves wound pain.


Strong absorbency: it can absorb wound fluid equivalent to 15-20 times its own weight;

Gel-forming property: Absorb wound exudate, form a layer of wet gel, create a moist healing environment, protect the wound surface without sticking to the wound, and change dressings painlessly and without injury;

Hemostasis: The released calcium ions can promote the formation of prothrombin activator and stop bleeding quickly.


Need secondary dressing.

It should not be used on dry or hard wounds

5. Antibacterial Dressings

Antibacterial dressings contain certain antibacterial ingredients, such as silver, honey, iodine, etc., which can have a certain local antibacterial effect.

5.1 Silver Ion Dressing

Applicable Wounds: It is suitable for heavily polluted wounds, infected wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, bedsores and other wounds.

Main Ingredients: The dressing contains or is coated with silver ions, metallic silver or silver compounds.

Working Principles: Silver ions can directly kill bacteria, control wound infection, accelerate wound healing, and remove the peculiar smell caused by bacteria. It is an ideal anti-infection dressing.


Release silver ions to sterilize, and the anti-infection effect is definite;

Provides a moist healing environment;

Protect the wound surface and relieve wound pain;

Promote the growth of granulation tissue;

Absorb exudate.


Shall not use on well-grown granulation wounds;

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