Ultrasound Thermal Paper UPP-110S

Type: UPP-110S
Size: 110mmx20m
Feature: Standard
Compatible Printers: Sony, Mitsubishi
Description Ordering Information
Ultrasound thermal paper, also known as ultrasound paper or ultrasound printing paper, is a specialized type of paper used for printing ultrasound images. It is commonly used in medical settings, particularly in ultrasound examinations and diagnostics.

The paper is designed to work with thermal printers that utilize a thermal printing process. Instead of using traditional ink or toner, thermal printers apply heat to the paper, causing a chemical reaction that produces the printed image. This eliminates the need for ink cartridges or ribbons, making the printing process more straightforward and maintenance-free.

The UPP-110S is a standard model of ultrasound thermal paper. It is suitable for general medical imaging printing needs, providing basic image quality andperformance. This type of thermal paper is typically used to generate relatively common ultrasound images and is suitable for most medical imaging applications. Being a standard model, it offers a balance between cost, usability, and applicability.

Compatible Printers

Sony Models
: UP880. UP890MD. UP895MD. UP897MD. UPD895. UPD897. UPD898MD. UPX898MD
Mitsubishi Models: CP-700DSU.CP-700U,CP-700UM.CP-770DW.P-40U.P-50U. P-63UM.P-65U.P-67UA P-68U. P-90W. P-91DW. P-91W. P-93DW.P-93W.P-95DW.
Ordering Information
Code Specification Packing Measure/CTN (CM) G.W./CTN (KGS)
UPP-110S 110mm X 20m, standard, top quality 10rolls/box,100rolls/ctn 58X28X28 18
UPP-110HG 110mm X 18m, High Glossy, top quality
UPP-110HD 110mm X 20m, High Density, top quality
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