Ultrasound Gel 5L

Size: 5L
Color: Blue or Transparent
Packing: 2 barrels/carton
Description Ordering Information
Ultrasound gel, also known as ultrasound coupling gel or simply ultrasound gel, is a type of gel used in medical and diagnostic procedures involving ultrasound imaging. It serves as a medium that facilitates the transmission of ultrasound waves from the transducer (the device that emits the ultrasound waves) into the patient's body and back to the transducer, allowing for the creation of images.
Ordering Information
Code Specification Packing Measure/CTN (CM) G.W./CTN (KGS)
UG250 Ultrasound gel, 250ml 50 bottles/ctn 52*26*20 13.5
UG5LS Ultrasound gel, 5 Liter, soft packing 2 barrels/carton 42*22*23 12
UG5LWS Ultrasound gel, 5 Liter, soft packing, with pump 2 barrels/carton 42*22*23 12
UG5LWH Ultrasound gel, 5 Liter, soft packing, with handle 2 barrels/carton 39.5*21*27 12
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