Trummed Negative Pressure Wound Therapy NPWT System

Parts: NPWT Device+ Canister Kit+NPWT Dressing Kit
Device Packing: 1 Device/Box
Canister Kit Packing: 1 Kit/Opp Bag
NPWT Dressing Kit: 1 Kit/Poly Bag (Sterilized Packing)
Description Ordering Information

NPWT is a medical technique for treating complex and chronic wounds.

It involves applying a specialized NPWT dressing connected to a NPWT pump, creating a controlled vacuum environment around the wound.

This helps remove excess fluid, promotes wound healing, and provides protection against infection, making it effective for various types of chronic and difficult-to-heal wounds.

【Trummed NPWT System Part----NPWT Device】
【Trummed NPWT System Part----NPWT Canister Kit】

【Trummed NPWT System Part----NPWT Dressing Kit】

Ordering Information
REF No. Description
TM300S Portable NPWT Device
NP140C NPWT Canister Kit, 140ML
NP400C NPWT Canister Kit, 400ML
NP600C NPWT Canister Kit, 600ML
NP1001 NPWT Dressing Kit, Size S
NP1002 NPWT Dressing Kit, Size M
NP1003 NPWT Dressing Kit, Size L
NP1004 NPWT Dressing Kit, Size XL
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