Triple Blood Bag

Material: Medical grade PVC
Anticoagulant: CPDA-1, CPD+SAGM
Capacity: 250ml, 350ml, 450ml, 500ml
Sterile: High pressure steam sterilization
Application: Hospital/Clinic/Blood-Bank
A Triple blood bag is a medical device used for whole blood collection and separation of 3 different blood components - red blood cells, plasma and platelet concentrate or cryoprecipitate, obtained through the process of centrifugation and separation. Triple Blood Bag system is available with CPDA-1 or CPD/SAG-M anticoagulant solution. The 5 days platelet storage bag is optional.

Available options: 
  • Safety Needle Shield: Prevent accidental needlestick injuries during the collection of blood donations
  • Sampling Device: For collecting small samples of blood for testing and compatibility matching before transfusion. This allows healthcare professionals to verify the blood type and perform necessary screenings.
  • Platelet Bag: For extended storage of viable platelets for approximately 5 days.
  • Leukocyte Reduction Filter: This filter helps remove white blood cells, which can cause certain complications during transfusion, especially in certain patients.
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