Transparent Surgical Film for NPWT Dressing Kit

Size: 30cm*30m
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Transparent surgical film is one of the components in NPWT Dressing Kit, that is used for fixing and sealing the foam dressing.



1) Patented film design with improved firmness.

2) Instruction steps furnished to provide easy operation.

3) Reinforced ductility to reduce air leakage from poor closure.

4) Better adhesion suitable for all kinds of skin.

5) Highly air permeable, reducing the occurrence of eczema and dermatitis.

Ordering Information
Ref No. Description Size Packing
FM1001 Transparent Surgical Film for NPWT 30cm*30cm 1 pc/poly bag, 25pcs/box
FM1002 Transparent Surgical Film for NPWT 10cm*30cm 1 pc/poly bag, 25pcs/box
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