Transparent PE Plastic Medical Adhesive Fixation Tape

PE Tape
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Waterproof Surgical PE Transparent Tape is a type of tape made of PE and hypoallergenic medical glue. Great breathing, easy to use. With reliable stickiness, low sensitization, excellent compliance, no residue adhesive.

Width available: 1.25cm, 2.5cm, 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm
Length available: 5m, 10m, 5yards, 10yards
OEM is available!

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Product Code & Size
PE Surgical Tape
Product Code Description
MT-P0001 PE Surgical Tape, 1.25cm×5m, 24 rolls/box
MT-P0002 PE Surgical Tape, 1.25cm×10m, 24 rolls/box
MT-P0003 PE Surgical Tape, 1.25cm×5yards, 24 rolls/box
MT-P0004 PE Surgical Tape, 1.25cm×10yards, 24 rolls/box
MT-P0005 PE Surgical Tape, 2.5cm×5m, 12 rolls/box
MT-P0006 PE Surgical Tape, 2.5cm×10m, 12 rolls/box
MT-P0007 PE Surgical Tape, 2.5cm×5yards, 12 rolls/box
MT-P0008 PE Surgical Tape, 2.5cm×10yards, 12 rolls/box
MT-P0009 PE Surgical Tape, 5cm×5m, 6 rolls/box
MT-P0010 PE Surgical Tape, 5cm×10m, 6 rolls/box
MT-P0011 PE Surgical Tape, 5cm×5yards, 6 rolls/box
MT-P0012 PE Surgical Tape, 5cm×10yards, 6 rolls/box
MT-P0013 PE Surgical Tape, 7.5cm×5m, 6 rolls/box
MT-P0014 PE Surgical Tape, 7.5cm×10m, 6 rolls/box
MT-P0015 PE Surgical Tape, 7.5cm×5yards, 6 rolls/box
MT-N0016 PE Surgical Tape, 7.5cm×10yards, 6 rolls/box
MT-N0017 PE Surgical Tape, 10cm×5m, 6 rolls/box
MT-N0018 PE Surgical Tape, 10cm×10m, 6 rolls/box
MT-N0019 PE Surgical Tape, 10cm×5yards, 6 rolls/box
MT-N0020 PE Surgical Tape, 10cm×10yards, 6 rolls/box

1) Do you support OEM/ODM for surgical tape?
Sure, all can be customized.

2) Do you support Amazon?
Sure, we welcome Amazon customers. And we have long-term cooperated forwarder to ship to FBA warehouse.

3) Can I get a samples first?
Sure, no problem. Usually samples can be send in 1-3 working days.

4) Whats' the lead time of surgical tape?
Usually 25-30 working days. If we have stock, time can be shorten.

5) What's your MOQ?
Small orders can be acceptable. It depends on the stock.

6) Our Factory

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