Sterile Silicone Mesh Contact Layer Dressing

Silicone Contact Layer
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Product Introduction

Silicone wound contact layer is a thin, flexible and non-adherent wound contact layer.
It consistis of a polyester mesh coated in soft silicone that is indicated for use with a secondary absorbent dressing on a wide range of wound types.
It is used to provide fixation and protection to the wound bed during dressing changes.

1. Provides a secure seal to wound sites to minimise risk of maceration.
2. Good transparency to allow for easy wound inspection without dressing removal.
Open mesh design enables excellent fluid management and transfer capabilities.
Promotes undisturbed wound healing – can remain secured for up to 14 days.
Non adhesive to moist wound and newly formed tissue, minimising trauma and discomfort.
Does not dry out and prevents sticking of a secondary dressings to the wound site.

Product Picture

Product Code & Description
 Product Code  Description
 AW-SL101  Silicone Contact Layer, 5cm*7.5cm, 10pcs/box
 AW-SL102  Silicone Contact Layer, 7.5cm*10cm, 10pcs/box
 AW-SL103  Silicone Contact Layer, 10cm*12cm, 10pcs/box
 AW-SL104  Silicone Contact Layer, 10cm*18cm, 10pcs/box
 AW-SL105  Silicone Contact Layer, 12cm*15cm, 10pcs/box

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Silicone Foam Wound Dressing
There are two types of silicone foam dressing in Trummed.

And below are the widely used shapes of dressing.
          Normal Wound Dressing  Heel & Elbow & Occiput Wound Dressing              Sacral Wound Dressing               Sacral Wound Dressing

Product Code & Size
1) Silicone Foam Dressing without Border
 Product Code  Size  Border
 AW-SF101  5cm x 5cm (2'' x 2'')  No
 AW-SF102  7.5cm x 7.5cm (3'' x 3'')  No
 AW-SF103  10cm x 10cm (4'' x 4'')  No
 AW-SF104  12.5cm x 12.5cm (5'' x 5'')  No
 AW-SF105  15cm x 15cm (6'' x 6'')  No
 AW-SF106  20cm x 20cm (8'' x 8'')  No
 AW-SF107  10cm x 15cm (4'' x 6'')  No
 AW-SF108  10cm x 20cm (4'' x 8'')  No
 AW-SF109  10cm x 25cm (4'' x 10'')  No
 AW-SF110  10cm x 30cm (4'' x 12'')  No
 AW-SF111  15cm x 20cm (6'' x 8'')  No
 AW-SF103C  10cm x 10cm (4'' x 4''), for children occiput  No
 AW-SF105C  15cm x 15cm (6'' x 6''), for adult occiput  No
 AW-SF301E  15cm x 15cm (6'' x 6''), for heel & elbow  No
 AW-SF302E  10cm x 17.5cm (4'' x 7''), for heel & elbow  No
 AW-SF401S  15cm x 18cm (6'' x 7''), for sacral  No

2) Silicone Foam Dressing with Border
 Product Code  Size  Border
 AW-SF201  7.5cm x 7.5cm (3'' x 3'')  Yes
 AW-SF202  10cm x 10cm (4'' x 4'')  Yes
 AW-SF203  12.5cm x 12.5cm (5'' x 5'')  Yes
 AW-SF204  15cm x 15cm (6'' x 6'')  Yes
 AW-SF205  20cm x 20cm (8'' x 8'')  Yes
 AW-SF206  10cm x 15cm (4'' x 6'')  Yes
 AW-SF207  10cm x 20cm (4'' x 8'')  Yes
 AW-SF208  10cm x 25cm (4'' x 10'')  Yes
 AW-SF209  10cm x 30cm (4'' x 12'')  Yes
 AW-SF210  15cm x 20cm (6'' x 8'')  Yes
 AW-SF303E  12.5cm x 20cm (5'' x 8''), for heel & elbow  Yes
 AW-SF304E  18.5cm x 24cm (7.2'' x 9.4''), for heel & elbow  Yes
 AW-SF402S  15cm x 18cm (6'' x 7''), for sacral   Yes
 AW-SF403S  18cm x 18cm (7'' x 7''), for sacral  Yes
 AW-SF404S  22.5cm x 22.5cm (9'' x 9''), for sacral  Yes


1) What's the indications of silicone contact layer?
 Pressure ulcers / Venous ulcers
 Skin tears
 Blisters, cuts and lacerations
 First- and second-degree burns
 Surgical and trauma wounds
 Dry to heavily draining abrasions
 Used with NPWD (Negetive Pressure Wound Dressing)

2) How to use silicone contact layer?
Step 1: In strict accordance with the principles of sterile operation.
Step 2: Clean the wounds and surrounding skin.
Step 3: Cut or splice dressing according to the wound size and shape.
Step 4: Remove dressing from package. Remove the PE release paper (the white liner).
Step 5: Position the silicone contact layer onto the wounds.
Step 6: According to the wound exudate situation, choose the appropriate outer dressing.

When used together with negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) products, it can prevent new granulation tissue from adhering to foam or growing into foam, thus prolonging the time of single negative pressure wound therapy to increase the efficiency of negative pressure wound therapy.

3) Can I get I free sample?
Sure, samples are free. And we can send samples in 3-5 working days once confirmed.

4) Do you support OEM?
Yes, OEM and ODM are available.

5) What's the lead time?
Usually 30-45 working days.
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