SST Tube

Top Color: Yellow
Additive: Gel & Clot activator
Tube Material: PET or Glass
Tube Size: 13x75mm, 13x100mm, 16x100mm
Nominal Volume: 1ml~9ml
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Gel and clot activator tube is used for blood serum biochemistry, immunology and drug testing, etc. There uniformly sprays the coagulant on the surface inside the tube, which will greatly shorten the clotting time. As the imported separation gel from Japan is pure substance, very stable in physicochemical property, it can well stand high-temperature so that the gel will maintain a stable status during the storage and transportation process. The gel will get solidified after centrifugation and completely separate serum from fibrin cells just like a barrier, which effectively prevents the substance exchange between blood serum and cells. Serum collection efficiency is improved and high-quality serum will be obtained, thus it comes to more authentic testing result. Keep the serum stable for more than 48 hours, no obvious change will happen on its biochemical features and chemical compositions, then the tube could be directly used in sampling analyzers.

◆ Time for complete clot retraction: 20-25min
◆ Centrifugation speed: 3500-4000r/m
◆ Centrifugation time: 5min
◆ Recommended storage temperature: 4-25℃
Ordering Information
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