Specimen Collection Swab

Size of 150mm
Swab stick: Wood, PP, PS, ABS, Stainless steel
Swab tip: cotton, viscose, Nylon
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* The standard swab consists of a swab stick and cotton head. The swab stick is made of wood or PS or PP. The cotton head is made of high-quality absorbent cotton or viscose, which can be customized according to needs.
*  The flocked swab adopts innovative technology of nylon fiber spray implantation to maximize the sampling efficiency of the sampling swab. The nylon fibers are vertically and evenly attached to the surface of the swab head.
The upright nylon fibers are like a soft brush to collect more samples. The capillary action between the nylon fibers enhances the capacity of waterbased samples, and the samples are concentrated on the surface of the swab,
which makes it easier to elute. Outstanding sample collection and release capabilities, capable of quickly adsorbing small amounts of samples, and high efficiency during release. The increase in the number of targeted cells helps
to improve the sensitivity of rapid diagnostic tests. It is especially suitable for sample collection of various viruses, RNA/DNA, etc. The swab stick made of ABS has a breaking point design to facilitate sample handling, storage and transportation.
* Gamma-irradiation sterilization, individual or bulk pack for various options.
Ordering Information

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