SONY Thermal Printer UP-X898MD

Model: UP-X898MD
The Sony UP-X898MD is a medical-grade digital printer designed for use in various medical applications, such as ultrasound, endoscopy, and surgical imaging. It's commonly used to produce high-quality prints of medical images.

Key Features:
  1. 1. Technology: The UP-X898MD is a thermal printer, which means it uses a thermal printing process to produce images. Thermal printers are known for their quiet operation and the ability to produce high-resolution prints.

  2. 2. Print Resolution: The printer typically offers a high print resolution, ensuring clarity and detail in medical images.

  3. 3. Media Type: It is designed to work with specific medical-grade printing paper like UPP-110HG. The thermal printing process eliminates the need for ink cartridges.

  4. 4. Compatibility: The UP-X898MD is compatible with various medical imaging devices, including ultrasound machines and endoscopes. It is often used in medical settings where high-quality image documentation is required.

  5. 5. Compact Design: The printer is designed to be compact and light weight, making it suitable for use in medical environments where space is limited.

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