Slide Storage Box

Made of ABS material
Types: 25-place, 50-place, 100-place
Index card for simple specimen identification
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* Designed as a convenient solution for temporary storage and transferring slide.
* Made of ABS material, available in mode of 25-place, 50-place and 100-place,etc.
* These boxes accommodate slides with thickness less than 2mm. Accommodates both the standard microscope slides in dimensions of 75.0mm×25.0mm with thickness from 0.8mm to 1.2mm and also the microscope slides of 76.2mm×25.4mm×(0.8-1.2)mm on the market.
* Easy for cleaning and storage, corrosion-resistant, shock-resistant.
* A water-proof index card mounted inside the lids allows for simple specimen identification.
* The box base is cork lined for extra protection

Ordering Information
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