Silver Ionic Wound Dressing

Silver Ionic Wound Dressing
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Product Introduction
Silver Ionic Dressing is a kind of antimicrobial dressing made of synthetic polymer absorbent fibers by adding silver compound through special process.

How it works?
1. Silver ionic dressing release silver ionic (Ag+) when onto the wound.
2. Silver ionic bind to zymoprotein in bacterial cells to inactivate it and kill the bacterial.
3. Silver ionic bind to the DNA and RNA of bacterial cells, viruses, etc., preventing their replication.
4. The combination of silver ionic in the dressing and metalloprotein in the wound increase the ionic concentration of zinc, calcium and copper in the wound and promotes the wound healing.

Product Types
                          Silver Ionic Dressing
                     Silver Ionic Alginate Dressing
                    Silver Ionic Foam Dressing
                    Silver Ionic Foam Dressing

● Efficient and durable antimicrobial properties, effective for all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms.
 Control and prevent wound infection, protect the edge of the wound, and prevent the invasion of surrounding bacterial.
 Promote wound healing and reduce scar formation.
● Does not adhere to the wound, painless replacement of dressing and no second injury.

Product Code & Size
Silver Ionic Wound Dressing
 Product Code  Size  Packing
 Silver Ionic Dressing (Non-adhesive)  
 AW-SI101   5cm × 5cm (2'' × 2'')  10pcs/box
 AW-SI102  10cm × 10cm (4'' × 4'')  10pcs/box
 AW-SI103  10cm × 20cm (4'' × 8'')  10pcs/box
 AW-SI104  15cm × 15cm (6'' × 6'')  10pcs/box
 AW-SI105  20cm × 20cm (8'' × 8'')  10pcs/box
 Silver Ionic Alginate Dressing (Non-adhesive)
 AW-SI201  5cm × 5cm (2'' × 2'')  10pcs/box
 AW-SI202  10cm × 10cm (4'' × 4'')  10pcs/box
 AW-SI203  5cm × 7.5cm (2'' × 3'')  10pcs/box
 AW-SI204  10cm × 20cm (4'' × 8'')  10pcs/box
 AW-SI205  15cm × 20cm (6'' × 8'')  10pcs/box
 AW-SI206  2cm × 30cm (0.78'' × 12'')  5pcs/box
 AW-SI207  2cm × 40cm (0.78'' × 16'')  5pcs/box
 Silver Ionic Foam Dressing (Non-adhesive)
 AW-SI301  5cm × 5cm (2'' × 2'')  10pcs/box
 AW-SI302  10cm × 10cm (4'' × 4'')  10pcs/box
 AW-SI303  10cm × 20cm (4'' × 8'')  10pcs/box
 AW-SI304  15cm × 15cm (6'' × 6'')  10pcs/box
 AW-SI305  20cm × 20cm (8'' × 8'')   10pcs/box
 Silver Ionic Foam Dressing (Adhesive)
 AW-SI401  10cm × 10cm (4'' × 4'')  10pcs/box
 AW-SI402  15cm × 15cm (6'' × 6'')  10pcs/box
 AW-SI403  20cm × 20cm (8'' × 8'')   10pcs/box


1) What's the indications of silver ionic wound dressing?
 Partial to full thickness wounds
 Stage I - IV pressure ulcers, venous, arterial and neuropathic ulcers
 Second degree burns and donor sites

2) How to use silver ionic wound dressing?
Step 1: Put on gloves.
Step 2: Clean the wound area with saline solution.
Step 3: Dry the skin around the wound with sterile gauze.
Step 4: Select the appropriate dressing size to completely cover the wound surface, ensuring 2cm to 3cm excess beyond the edges of the wound.
Step 5: Place the dressing with the silver ionic side facing the wound.
Step 6: To secure it with an appropriate secondary dressing or secure with surgical tape or bandage.

3) Can I get I free sample?
Sure, samples are free. And we can send samples in 3-5 working days once confirmed.

4) Do you support OEM?
Yes, OEM and ODM are available.

5) What's the lead time?
Usually 30-45 working days.

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