Quadruple Blood Bag

Material: Medical grade PVC
Anticoagulant: CPDA-1, CPD+SAGM
Capacity: 250ml, 350ml, 450ml, 500ml
Sterile: High pressure steam sterilization
Application: Hospital/Clinic/Blood-Bank
A quadruple blood bag, is a medical device used for the collection, storage, and transfusion of blood and its components. It consists of four interconnected bags, each serving a specific purpose. 

  • Primary bag: The main bag that holds the blood, usually has a capacity of approximately 450-500 milliliters, contains an anticoagulant-preservative solution, such as CPDA-1 or CPD. This solution prevents blood clotting and preserves the viability of red blood cells during storage.
  • Three Satellite bags: These satellite bags are typically used to store specific blood components separated from the whole blood, such as Red blood cells, Plasma, Platelets.
  • Tubing and Connectors: They are used to connect the primary bag with the satellite bags and other necessary components, ensure the proper flow of blood / blood components.
  • Identification labels: Each blood bag is labeled with important information, including the blood type, donor identification, collection date, and any specific instructions or warnings. 

Available options: 
  • Safety Needle Shield: Prevent accidental needlestick injuries during the collection of blood donations
  • Sampling Device: For collecting small samples of blood for testing and compatibility matching before transfusion. This allows healthcare professionals to verify the blood type and perform necessary screenings.
  • Platelet Bag: For extended storage of viable platelets for approximately 5 days.
  • Leukocyte Reduction Filter: This filter helps remove white blood cells, which can cause certain complications during transfusion, especially in certain patients.

Blood bags serve several purposes and can be selected based on different needs:
1. Whole Blood Storage: Used to store a complete unit of blood, including red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. It is typically used for transfusion purposes or for separation into blood components.
2. Red Blood Cell Storage: Designed to store concentrated red blood cells, which are usually separated during the blood component separation process. These bags typically do not contain white blood cells or platelets.
3. Platelet Storage: Intended for storing platelet concentrates obtained through centrifugation. These bags typically do not contain red blood cells or white blood cells.
4. Plasma Storage: Used for storing plasma, which can be transfused to patients or used as a material for plasma-derived products.
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