Polyurethane Foam Wound Dressing

Layer: Foam Layer + PU Film Layer
Size: 10cm*10cm, or customized
Packing: 1 pc/poly bag, 10pcs/box
Sterilization: EO sterilization
Shelf Time: 3 Years
Application: For moderate to heavy exudate wounds
Description Ordering Information
Foam dressing is made of medical polyurethane containing CMC, and Trummed foam dressing is made by the latest foaming process. With it's excellent porous structure, It has a high absorbency performance, so it is a good solution for moderate to heavy exudate wounds.

Working Principle:
1) Gel is formed on the wound after exudate is absorption, which will keep the wound in a moist environment and promote the wound healing.
2) Foam can not only absorb the exudate, but also lock the exudate.

1) High absorbency with the porous structure.
2) Able to absorb the odor from the wound with the porous structure.
3) Covered with PU film which is waterproof, breathable, and anti-bacterial.
4) Soft, flexible, conformable.
5) Non-adherent, no pain during wound dressing change.
6) Many shapes and size are availble for clinical use

1) Chronic and acute wounds. (leg ulcer, pressure ulcer in Stage II-IV, diabetic ulcer, etc.)
2) Surgical wounds. (operative wounds, postoperative wounds)
3) Skin donor site
4) Burn wounds (Stage II).
5) Emergency wounds. (Abrasions, lacerations, cuts, burns and scalds, etc.)
Ordering Information
Ref No. Description Size Packing Carton Size
B2001 Non-Adhesive PU Foam Dressing 2''×2'' (5cm*5cm) 1pc/poly bag, 10 pcs/box, 200pcs/carton 33*24*28cm
B2002 Non-Adhesive PU Foam Dressing 3''×3'' (7.5cm*7.5cm) 1pc/poly bag, 10 pcs/box, 200pcs/carton 33*27.5*31.5cm
B2003 Non-Adhesive PU Foam Dressing 4''×4'' (10cm*10cm) 1pc/poly bag, 10 pcs/box, 200pcs/carton 31*32*33cm
B2004 Non-Adhesive PU Foam Dressing 4''×8'' (10cm*20cm) 1pc/poly bag, 10 pcs/box, 100pcs/carton 42*33*31cm
B2005 Non-Adhesive PU Foam Dressing 6''×6'' (15cm*15cm) 1pc/poly bag, 10 pcs/box, 100pcs/carton 44*33*28cm
B2006 Non-Adhesive PU Foam Dressing 8''×8'' (20cm*20cm) 1pc/poly bag, 10 pcs/box, 50pcs/carton 33*30*31cm
B2007 Non-Adhesive PU Foam Dressing 4''×7'' (10cm*17.5cm) 1pc/poly bag, 10 pcs/box, 100pcs/carton 31.5*27.5*28cm
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