Plain Tube

Top Color: Red
Additive: no additive
Tube Material: PET or Glass
Tube Size: 13x75mm, 13x100mm, 16x100mm
Nominal Volume: 1ml~10ml
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Plain tube is used in blood collection and storage for biochemistry, immunology, serology, test of various kinds of virus and microelement in medical inspection. With special treatment on the inner surface, it's extremely smooth for normal activity of thrombocyte and unhindered clotting, which prevents hemolysis or adhesion of blood corpuscle or fibrin to the inner surface. It can provide enough pollution-free serum samples for clinical test, and maintain the normal compositions of serum for a long time. Moreover, it's helpful to serum reinspection with good repeatability.

◆ Time for complete clot retraction: 1.5-2h
◆ Centrifugation speed: 3500-4000r/m
◆ Centrifugation time: 5min
◆ Recommended storage temperature: 4-25℃
Ordering Information
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