Microscope Cover Glass

Material: Standard glass, Super White glass, Borosilicate 3.3 glass
Thickness: #1.0 (0.13mm-0.16mm), #1.5 (0.16mm-0.19mm), #2.0 (0.19mm-0.22mm), 0.4mm (blood cell counting)
Optional: Square shape, Round shape
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TRUMMED manufactures and supplies a variety of microscope cover glass. Provided with different raw materials, personalized craftsmanships, various quality control standards and tailored
packaging. Feature ideal optical properties, stable molecular structure, uniform flatness and uniform sizes.
Recommended application: manual workflow in histology, cytology, urinalysis and microbiology

* Materials: Standard Glass, Super White Glass, Borosilicate 3.3 Glass
* Thickness: #1.0 (0.13mm-0.16mm), #1.5 (0.16mm-0.19mm), #2.0 (0.19mm-0.22mm).
* Packing: Cover Box or Hinged Box
Ordering Information
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