Micro Blood Collection Tubes

Top Color: Red, Purple, Yellow, Grey, Green
Additive: No additive, Clot Activator, EDTA K2/K3, Gel & Clot activator, EDTA/Sodium Fluoride, Lithium Heparin
Tube Material: PP
Tube Size: 10x45mm
Volume: 0.25ml, 0.5ml, 1.0ml
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▲ Micro blood collection tube has humanized design and snap sealed safety cap, the tube can effectively prevent blood leakage. Owing to its multi-dentation and double orientation structure, it's convenient for safe transportation and simple operation, free of blood spatter.
▲ The color coding of safety cap is consistent with International Standard, Easy for identification.
▲ Salient design for the edge of the tube mouth is easy for users shoveling blood into the tube. Simple, fast and intuitionistic, the blood volume can be easily read with clear graduation line.
▲ Special treatment inside the tube, it's smooth on the surface with no blood adhesion.
▲ We can customize barcode, and sterilize the tube with gamma rays as per clients' requirements

Ordering Information
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