Micro blood collection tube

Top Color: Red, Purple, Yellow, Grey, Green
Additive: No additive, Clot Activator, EDTA K2/K3, Gel & Clot activator, EDTA/Sodium Fluoride, Lithium Heparin
Tube Material: PP
Tube Size: 13x75mm
Volume: 0.25ml, 0.5ml, 1.0ml
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▲ This type is a newly designed micro blood collection tube, tube size 13x75mm, can be applied for blood analyzer directly, It has advantage on function and structure which can meet the test requirement furthest.
▲ Smooth and round design on tube mouth, which can be used to collection tip blood sample smoothly.
▲ V bottom for easier collection and absorbing of blood sample.
▲ lengthened Tube body is customized for automatic inspection of blood analyzer,It can be put in test tube rack, easily for specimen management in labs.
▲ It can be adapted to: All manual loading analyzer, Including: Mindary 5100,5300,5800,6800. NIHON KOHDEN 7222, 8222 analyzer, SYSMEX XS500i, XS800i, 1800, 2100. It can be loaded directly in:XS1000i, 900i, XNB2, XNB4 model of SYSMEX analyzer.
▲ Applicable for many automatic CRP machines.
Ordering Information
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