Cryogenic Tube (SBS Standard)

Pure PP accordance with USP Class VI
SBS Standard + QR Code + Bar code, for laboratory automation equipment
Availalbe in: 300ul, 500ul, 750ul, 1000ul, 2ml, 5ml, etc.
E-Beam Sterile, RNase & DNase Free, Endotoxin Free
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SBS standard 2D Cryostorage vial adopts the international standard DataMatrix 2D coding rules, and adopts the SBS standard rack that conforms to the ANSI/SLAS industry standard. It can be used in conjunction with the automatic equipment of the biological sample library and the laboratory. Cryostorage vials and racks are compatible, sturdy and easy to use, safe and reliable traceability!
◆ Used with laboratory automation equipment (such as liquid workstations, automated refrigerators, etc.), the SBS standard rack conforming to industry standards has an 8×12 Data-matrix, and the rack has QR code and barcode identification to realize rack samples Traceable.
◆ Cryostorage tube is made of medical grade pure polypropylene raw materials, two-color injection molding process, withstands -196℃~121℃, safe storage under vapor phase liquid nitrogen, and can be frozen and thawed repeatedly.
◆ The integrated sealing design for the cap and tube prevents leakage and ensures the excellent sealing. The U-shaped design at the bottom of the tube is conducive to the full use of trace samples.
◆ The bottom laser-etched international standard DataMatrix QR code is anti-fading, anti-wear, organic solvent resistance, clear and readable. At the same time, the tube body has a triple guarantee of QR code and digital code, easy to identify, and high traceability.
◆ It is produced in a 100,000-level clean workshop, sterilized by gamma irradiation, free from RNAse, DNAse , endotoxin and pyrogen.
Ordering Information
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