Cell Culture Flask

Made of PS material
Types: 50ml, 250ml, 600ml
Optional: sealed cap, Vented cap
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* It's made by high grade transparency PS Material, the thickness is uniform of the flask, the surface is smooth and without distortion.
* Three types of volume available: 50ml, 250ml and 600ml, sealing cap and vent cap supplied.
* Vacuum plasma surface culture(TC culture) to improve the hydrophilia of surface, excellent on cell adherent culture, Flask without TC cultured can also be supplied for suspension cell.
* Vent cap(filter membrane cap) with 0.22μm hydrophobic membrane, it can facilitate gas exchange and avoid transit of microorganism outside the flask.
* Sterilized by Gamma radiation, DNAse/ RNAse free, Non-pyrogenic.
Ordering Information
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