Capillary blood collection tube

Top Color: Red, Purple, Yellow, Grey, Green
Additive: No additive, Clot Activator, EDTA K2/K3, Gel & Clot activator, EDTA/Sodium Fluoride, Lithium Heparin
With Capillary: Yes
Tube Material: PP
Tube Size: 11x45mm
Volume: 0.25ml, 0.5ml, 1.0ml
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▲ 042 type is designed under scientific concept, the sealed butyl rubber stopper is designed with central cross incision on top for easy inserting of the capillary. After blood collection, the cross incision automatically seal up when the capillary is pulling out, which effectively prevent blood leaking to guarantee safe and reliable transportation.
▲ With special surface treatment both inside the capillary and micro storage tube, blood samples will automatically flow into bottom of the storage tube through the capillary without any blood adhesion or harm to the blood corpuscle. The additive is uniformly sprayed on surface both inside the capillary and storage tube, which is quite easy for blood anticoagulation, while avoiding tiny clotting. In this way, accurate testing result is guaranteed.
▲ The cross incision is applicable to the sampling needle of all analyzers. Easy insert and automatic sampling requiring no cap opening operation during the whole testing process, safe and efficient.
Ordering Information
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