Butterfly blood collection needle

Gauge: 20G ~ 25G
Color code: Pink, Yellow, Black, Green, etc.
Needle Material: Stainless Steel
Sterilized by E.O, Non-toxic,aseptic and Non-Pyrogen
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◆ Made by Medical grade high polymer material, Sterilized by E.O, Non-toxic,aseptic and Non-Pyrogen.
◆ According to the gauge, needles can be divided into various specification 0.55-0.9mm, 20G-25G.
TRUMMED Blood collection set consists of rubber sleeve, rubber stopper puncture needle, luer connector, soft tube, needle hub, venipuncture needle, venipuncture needle cap and other components.
◆ Please check the tip of the venipuncture needle before use, do not use if there are defects such as barbs, burrs, deformation, etc.
Ordering Information
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