Bordered Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing Standard Type

Type: Bordered Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing
Size: 10cm*10cm, or customized
Packing: Individually Poly Bag Packing
Sterilization: EO Sterilization
Shelf Time: 3 Years
Application: For low to moderate exudate wound care
Description Ordering Information
Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing is an self-adhesive elastic wound dressing that is made of carboxymethyl cellulose, medical pressure sensitive adhesive, and breathable PU film.

The main function of hydrocolloid wound dressing is to protect wound from bacterial, create a moist wound healing environment and fasten wound healing, and minimize the scarring.
Standard hydrocolloid wound dressing is thicker at the middler, and it is with border which can secure the wound well.


1) Soft and flexible, which can comfort wound area well even in joint parts.

2) Waterproof, can be used under shower.

3) Cuttable, can be cut into any sizes and shapes to fit the wound.

4) Gentle adhesive, reduce pain and trauma during wound dressing changes.


Suitable for low to moderate exudate wounds, including

1) Epidermal injury

2) Pressure ulcers

3) Superficial burn with small area

4) Surgical wounds

5) Donor site
6) Venous ulcers

Ordering Information
Ref No. Description Size Packing Carton Size
B4201 Hydrocolloid Dressing with Border 2''×2'' (5cm*5cm) 1pc/poly bag, 20 pcs/box, 400pcs/carton 27*23*22cm
B4202 Hydrocolloid Dressing with Border 3''×3'' (7.5cm*7.5cm) 1pc/poly bag, 10 pcs/box, 200pcs/carton 27*23*22cm
B4203 Hydrocolloid Dressing with Border 4''×4'' (10cm*10cm) 1pc/poly bag, 10pcs/box, 200pcs/carton 31*17.5*22cm
B4204 Hydrocolloid Dressing with Border 6''×6'' (15cm*15cm) 1pc/poly bag, 5 pcs/box, 50pcs/carton 24.5*22.5*22cm
B4205 Hydrocolloid Dressing with Border 6''×8'' (15cm*20cm) 1pc/poly bag, 5 pcs/box, 50pcs/carton 27.5*21.5*22cm
B4206 Hydrocolloid Dressing with Border 8''×8'' (20cm*20cm) 1pc/poly bag, 5 pcs/box, 50pcs/carton 27.5*26.5*22cm
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