Blood lancet (Safety)

Safety, Auto-retractable
Gauge: 21G, 23G, 28G
Color code: Yellow, Purple, Grey, etc.
Needle Material: Stainless Steel
Sterile R, Non-toxic, aseptic and Non-Pyrogen
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A safety lancet is a medical device designed to quickly and safely obtain a small blood sample for various diagnostic tests, such as blood glucose monitoring or other blood tests. It is often used by individuals with conditions like diabetes who need to regularly monitor their blood sugar levels.

Safety lancets are designed to minimize the risk of injury or infection to the user while providing a reliable and relatively painless way to obtain a blood sample. Here's how they typically work:

Design: Safety lancets consist of a small, spring-loaded device with a sterile needle at one end.
Activation: When you press the lancet against your skin and press a button, the spring is released, causing the lancet to quickly puncture the skin.
Blood Collection: The lancet's needle penetrates the skin's surface just deep enough to obtain a small drop of blood, which can then be collected for testing.
Safety Mechanism: After use, the lancet is retracted automatically to prevent accidental needlesticks and reduce the risk of infection transmission. 
Disposable: Safety lancets are for single-use to maintain sterility and minimize the risk of cross-contamination.
Ordering Information
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