Black PU Foam for NPWT Dressing Kit

Size S (10cm*7.5cm*2.5cm)
Size M (18cm*12.5cm*2.5cm)
Size L (26cm*15cm*2.5cm)
Size XL (45cm*30cm*2.5cm)
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Black PU foam is one of the components in NPWT Dressing Kit, that is used for exudate drainage and absorption.



1) The excellent porous structure helps the granulation tissue to grow.

2) The hydrophobic property perfectly suitable for wounds with heavy exudate.

3) The large pore ensure the negative pressure to be transferred equally to the whole wound area.

4) Size S, M, L, XL are available for different wound sizes.

5) Cuttable.

Ordering Information
Ref No. Description Size Packing
BF1001 Black PU Foam for NPWT, Size S 10cm*7.5cm*2.5cm 1 pc/poly bag
BF1002 Black PU Foam for NPWT, Size M 18cm*12.5cm*2.5cm 1 pc/poly bag
BF1003 Black PU Foam for NPWT, Size L 26cm*15cm*2.5cm 1 pc/poly bag
BF1004 Black PU Foam for NPWT, Size XL 45cm*30cm*2.5cm 1 pc/poly bag
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