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What You Need to Know About Wound Closure Devices

What You Need to Know About Wound Closure Devices

Q: What is a wound closure devices?
A: Wound closure devices, also called zip stitch wound closures/zipper wound closures, are non-invasive skin closure devices for surgical incisions and lacerations. They are designed to distribute strain along the incision, helping to reduce wound complications, and saving you cost and time. The benefits of wound closure devices aren't only limited to healthcare providers.

Q: What are wound closure devices made of?
A: In Trummed, there are mainly three types of wound closure device based on different material.



Q: Is Trummed Wound Closure Device FDA approved?
A: Trummed Wound Clsoure Device is made with hypoallergenic materials (PU Film/Non-woven/Hydrocolloid). It is already registered in FDA.

Q: Does Wound Closure Device hurt?
A: Wound Closure is painless. It closes the wound by reducing tension around the wound, instead of painful needles.

Q: How do you remove a zip wound closure?
A: Hold the skin next to the Zip down as it is lifted from the skin. Avoid pulling across the incision. For aid in removal, baby oil or medical adhesive remover can be used. Moisten a cotton ball or gauze with the agent and swipe along the edge of the Zip device as it peels off the skin.

These are some of the things people need to know when using wound closure devices. Do you have any other questions about wound closure devices? Welcome your message, we will answer for you.

At the same time, choosing a reputable brand of wound closure device can help prevent further accidents and ensure the safe healing of our wounds, avoiding secondary injuries. Here, we recommend Trummed's multiple series of wound closure devices, offering high-quality medical products to safeguard your health. If you are interested in complementary wound dressings, you can click the link to view more details.

In conclusion, wound closure devices have revolutionized the way we approach wound closure. Their non-invasive nature and clinical proven safety make them a valuable addition to the medical field. With hypoallergenic materials and ease of use, these devices empower patients to take control of their healing process while offering faster and more efficient wound closure. As technology continues to advance, wound closure devices are sure to play a significant role in improving patient care and outcomes in the medical community.

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