Non-Woven Wound Closure Device Single Type (Skin Color)

Type: Single Type
Adhesive Pad Material: Non-woven
Color: Skin Color
Size: 1 Button; 2 Buttons; 3 Buttons
Packing: 1 piece/poly bag, 10 poly bags/box
Sterilization: EO Sterilization
Shelf Time: 3 Years
Application: Wound Closure
Description Ordering Information
Trummed Wound Closure Device is a revolutionary device designed to simplify and enhance the process of wound closure. This innovative zipper-like system provides a non-invasive, efficient, and painless solution for closing various types of wounds, offering a superior alternative to traditional closure methods such as sutures or staples.

【Product Specification】
Product Name Wound Closure Device
Product Type Single Type
Single Type 1 Button/Device
Devices/Piece 1/2/3 Devices
Product Color Skin Color
Product Material Non-Woven+Plastic
Product Packing 10 Pieces/Box
Product Indication Laceration; Surgical Incisions

【Product Feature】
 ● Adjustable Tension
 ● Non-Invasive Closure
 ● Breathable Material
 ● Flexible Sizes 
 ● Quick and Simple Application

【Clinical Benefits】
 ● Puncture free, less pain for patient

 ●  Enhance patient comfort, allowing natural movement during the healing period

 ● Protect from bacterial, reduce infection rate

 ● Minimize scarring

 ●  Easy to use, save time for healthcare professionals

 ● Easy to remove, no need to go to hospital, save cost for patients

【How To Use】

Step 1: Take out the device. Step 2: Remove the release paper. Step 3: Center it on the wound, and gently press it. Step 4: Full cover the wound with device. Step 5: Close the device. Step 6: Cut the pull tab off and do disinfection. Step 7: Cover a secondary dressing on it. Step 8: Remove the device after recovery.

Gynecology Applications
● Emergency Department Applications
● General Surgery Applications
● Orthopedic Applications
Other Surgical Department Applications
First Aid
Ordering Information
Ref No. Specification For Wound Length Packing
WDF1001 1 Button 2cm 10 PCS/Box
WDF1002 2 Buttons 4.5cm 10 PCS/Box
WDF1003 3 Buttons 7cm 10 PCS/Box
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