Trummed Cold Sore Patch Fever Blister Patch

Patch Size: 15mm
Patch Thickness: 0.15mm-0.22mm
Patch Ingredient: Hydrocolloid Only
Packing: 1 Patch/Blister Bag, 15 Patches/Plastic Box
Application: Cold Sore Treatment
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Cold sore patch is made of highest grade hydrocolloid material which has excellent performance in healing low-middle wound exudation. Hydrocolloid core sore patch helps:
* Prevent cold sore from bacterial
* Absorb pus or exudation from cold sore
* Soothe the painful itching
* Heal the core sore

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Ordering Information
Ref Product Description Product Packing
CS0001 15mm Hydrocolloid Cold Sore Patch, Thickness 0.15mm-0.22mm 1 Patch/Blister Bag, 15 Pacthes/Plastic Box
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