Bordered Silicone Foam Wound Dressing for Sacrum

Size: 18cm*18cm, or customized
Packing: 1 pc/poly bag, 5 pcs/box
Sterilization: EO sterilization
Shelf Time: 3 Years
Application: For sacral wound care (bedsore, pressure ulcer, etc.)
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Sacrum Silicone Foam Dressing with Adhesive Border features a high absorbent foam pad with gentle silicone adhesive border shaped to fit the sacrum area.
Sacrum Silicone Foam Dressing contributes to no trauma and no pain during wound dressing changes. Also, it is easy to operate. In this way, wound care operation is simplified meanwhile patient life quality is improved.

Product Advantages:
Product Advantage 1--Soft Silicone Technology
* No pain, no trauma during wound dressing change
* Soft, conform to wound area well even in difficult area.
* Can be repeatedly pasted, cost-efficient
* No pulling the skin, protect the fragile skin tissue
* No residuals left after removed

Product Advantage 2--Unique 5 Layer Structure
* PU film layer
* Super absorption layer
* One way wicking layer
* Foam absorption layer
* Silicone contact layer

Product Advantage 3--Good Peformance
* Absorbency rate: 8.7g/g 
* Exudate lock rate: 77.4%
* Permeability: 1.464g/10cm2/24h/37℃
* Absorbency weight: 10.863g/10cm2/24h/37℃

Product Advantage 4--Efficient Medical Operation
* The high absorption rate and exudate lock rate achieve the wound healing standards. In this way, it can promote wound healing therefor reduce the dressing changing times.
* No pain and no trauma during dressing changing, increase Increase patient compliance and cooperation.
* It can be pasted repeatedly to facilitate the handover and observation of high-risk patients with pressure ulcers when nurses change shifts, avoiding the cost of changing dressings multiple times.
* There are Various specifications, which are convenient for doctors and nurses to choose in various situations.

1) Chronic and acute wounds on sacrum.
2) Surgical wounds on sacrum.
3) Skin donor site on sacrum.
4) Burn wounds (Stage II) on sacrum.
5) Emergency wounds on sacrum.
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