Non-Woven Wound Closure Device Single Type (White Color)

Type: Sing Type
Adhesive Pad Material: Non-woven
Color: White
Size: 1 buttons; 2 buttons; 3 buttons
Packing: 1 piece/poly bag, 10 poly bags/box
Sterilization: EO Sterilization
Shelf Time: 3 Years
Application: Wound Closure
Description Ordering Information
Trummed Wound Closure Device is a revolutionary device designed to simplify and enhance the process of wound closure. This innovative zipper-like system provides a non-invasive, efficient, and painless solution for closing various types of wounds, offering a superior alternative to traditional closure methods such as sutures or staples.

【Product Specification】
Product Name Wound Closure Device
Product Type Single Type
Single Type 1 Button/Device
Devices/Piece 1/2/3/ Devices
Product Color White Color
Product Material Non-woven+Plastic
Product Packing 10 Pieces/Box
Product Indication Laceration; Surgical Incision

【Product Features】
  ● Adjustable Tension
  ● Non-Invasive Closure
  ● Breathable Material
  ● Flexible Sizes 
  ● Quick and Simple Application

【Clinical Benefits】
● Puncture free, less pain for patient

Enhance patient comfort, allowing natural movement during the healing period

Protect from bacterial, reduce infection rate

Minimize scarring

Easy to use, save time for healthcare professionals

Easy to remove, no need to go to hospital, save cost for patients

【How To Use】
Step 1: Take out the device. Step 2: Remove the release sheet. Step 3: Center it on the wound, and gently press it. Step 4: Full cover the wound with device, then close. Step 5: Cut the pull tab off. Step 6: Apply point disinfection. Step 7: Cover a secondary dressing on it.  Step 8: Remove the device after recovery.

Gynecology Applications
Emergency Department Applications
General Surgery Applications
Orthopedic Applications
Other Surgical Department Applications
First Aid
Ordering Information
Ref No.
Specification For Wound Length Packing
WDB1001 1 button/device,
1 device/piece
2cm 10 PCS/Box
WDB1002 1 button/device,
2 devices/piece
4.5cm 10 PCS/Box
WDB1003 1 button/device,
3 devices/piece
7cm 10 PCS/Box
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