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Application of Trummed Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing on Scratch

Application of Trummed Hydrocollid Wound Dressing on Scratch

In this article, we will show the real application case of Trummed hydrocolloid wound dressing/hydrocolloid blister plaster/hydrocolloid patch on the scratch wound.

The original stage of scratch wound is a bit dry and no obvious wound exudate is found. Wound color is red and a bit yellow. And the wound is a bit painful. After using one patch of hydrocolloid blister patch, the yellow exudate came out from the wound.

After using two patches of hydrocolloid blister patch, still had exudate, but the wound became dark red.

After using three patches of hydrocolloid blister patch, more exudate came out, the wound is still in dark red color, and the wound is moisture. The pain of wound is almost gone.

After using four patches of hydrocolloid blister patch, there is no exudate came out, the wound become light red, and the broken epidermis is being cleared.

After using five patches of hydrocollid blister patch, the granulation began and the wound began pink.

After using around 10 patches, the wound is healed in a perfect way, the healed skin is smooth and the skin color is healthy.

After wound is healed, use Silicone Scar Removal Sheet to relieve scar congestion, decrease the color and restore the skin color.

When applying Trummed hydrocolloid wound dressing, it will create a moist environment to promote wound heaing, meanwhile it can help to reduce the wound pain. The hydrocolloid will help to make the new granulation tissue smooth and the epithelial cells orderly growing, meanwhile speeding up the orderly growth of the skin and preventing the granulation tissue from growing faster than the skin.

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